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Marriage • Premarital • Couples

The Love Factor Team

Matthew Rowe

Marriage, Relationship, Pre-marital and Individual Counseling • Executive Director • Board Member
Love Factor Newman Lake, WA

Matthew is deeply passionate about empowering individuals to discover and embrace their true identities. When someone discovers their true identity, they are able to push into true relationships as a powerful person. Matthew's main focus at The Love Factor is to help reconnect and repair relationships, specifically marriages. Matthew has successfully studied Christian Leadership and Organizational Development at Alphacrucis College in Sydney, Australia. He has also studied Psychology at Colorado Christian University. He has recently finished his Doctorate in Clinical Pastoral Counseling and he is also a Certified Master Life Coach. Matthew has successfully helped restore hundreds of marriages, developed and lead worship teams, assisted in successful reorganizations of churches, facilitated the launching of small businesses; and consulted on strategic revenue growth, partnerships, relationships, and marketing for major fortune 500 companies. Each week he also donates his time and expertise to help support the Chaplaincy | Patient Spiritual Care Program at Kootenai Medical Center.

Matthew is an ordained Pastor through Firestarters Ministries. He and his wife Karissa have been married since October 2008. They have three amazing boys and two precious girls! Together they are also active in their local church, Heart of the City Church, in Coeur d'Alene.

Charles "Wylie" Stone

Relationship, Pre-marital, and Individual Counseling
Love Factor Coeur d' Alene, ID

Charles was born and raised to a hard-working family in Southern Idaho.  He started working on his Uncle's dairy farm at age 13 and learned early how to be responsible and the value of dependability.  He served two years in the United States Navy and has worked in the food and beverage industry for 11 years. He carries a deep passion for counseling with a focus on personal break throughs and self-discovery/identity.  He believes his passion comes from God's vocational call on his life. Starting with Saddleback Church, he has the privilege of counseling many individuals for a variety of different personal issues. He is currently pursuing his bacherlor's degree in psychology through Colorado Christian University.

Charles and his wife Ricki live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He has two amazing children which are one of the highest priorities for him. He actively attends Real Life Ministries in Post Falls and is also involved with other ministries within his local church as well. He enjoys the outdoors and being active, especially being able to share those enjoyments with his kids.

Kerry Pfaff

Marriage & Relationship, Pre-marital, and Individual Counseling
Love Factor Coeur d' Alene, ID

Kerry’s passion is to see healthy marriages. Marriages where wounded hearts are healed, hope is restored and the relationship, through Christ, becomes all that God intended. He believes that people need a safe, non-judgmental, grace-filled place to share their stories – a place where they can be loved back to life and learn to thrive in their true identity in Christ. As a young man, Kerry worked as a hairdresser in Scottsdale, AZ, where he learned to develop rapport with people from all walks of life. He went through a painful divorce which fostered a life-long desire to help himself and others build healthy, supportive, joyful and lasting relationships. In 1989, Kerry married Teresa and became a father to her four sons. They moved to North Idaho and ran a successful small business for 22 years while also serving as lay ministers and receiving training in biblical counseling. In 2011 Kerry and Teresa joined Grace Christian Fellowship where they grew into the lead pastor’s position. Kerry pursued his Master’s in Christian Therapy which he accomplished in 2016 at 68 years of age. He often says, “Don’t let age be an excuse (or anything else! LOL)” and is now considering pursuing his doctoral degree.

Kerry and his wife, Teresa, live in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Teresa also works at The Love Factor's Newman Lake location as a family and parenting counselor. Together they love to host gatherings with their kids, 6 wonderful grandkids, friends and their little Yorkie, Barley.

Dave Andrus

Relationship, Pre-marital, Marriage, and Family Counseling
Love Factor Newman Lake, WA

Dave has had over three decades of walking along side and counseling countless individuals, couples, and families. Dave attended Southwestern Bible College and later graduated from Western Baptist Seminary. Dave was raised in Phoenix, Arizona while Sheila, his wife, grew up in nearby Spokane. The two fell in love while attending Southwestern Bible College. Dave was raised in Phoenix, Arizona while Sheila, his wife, grew up in nearby Spokane. Dave started in the ministry as a youth pastor in 1975 in Manchester, Iowa. After awhile he was then called to a church in Spokane, WA serving again as a youth pastor. Later, he accepted the Sr. Pastor’s position at a local fellowship in Sunnyside, WA which began preparing him for the next chapter of his life by becoming the founding Pastor of New Hope Community Church (NHCC) in Hermiston, OR. Dave and Shelia continued their commitment to God and one another by serving NHCC for 30 years.After 45 years of successful pastoral ministry, Dave and Sheila felt a call on their lives to relocate one last time from Hermiston, OR to the beautiful Coeur d’Alene area.

Dave and Shelia have been married for 48 years. They have a daughter and a son, both of whom live in the Pacific Northwest.  They are grandparents to three granddaughters.  In their free time; they enjoy spoiling the three girls, finding new & interesting restaurants, reading, and exploring the surrounding areas of northern Idaho.  With decades of counseling experience and pastoral ministry, Dave brings a vast wealth of both real and practical life experience. Dave is ordained by the Conservative Baptist Association.

Individual Trauma Counseling & Coaching

Individual • Identity • Trauma

Nathan Nienau

Identity Counseling & Coaching
Love Factor Newman Lake, WA

Nathan grew up just east of Seattle. He has successfully completed his education, and became a graduate of the world-renown BSSM at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Over the past 20 years he has traveled to many countries; supporting, serving and working for counseling and ministry organizations. His academic education, work experience, and life situations has enabled and empowered him to develop a deep level of compassion, understanding, and practical knowledge for his clients. At age 7, Nathan started to believe a lie that he was worthless. Shortly after his negative self-belief started, he attempted to end his life to escape his unprecedented emotional pain.

After his suicidal attempt, his self hatred grew deeper which led to depression, addiction, isolation, loss of vision, and any hope. Because of God and his personal victory in life, he has been able to impact and help change countless lives. Nathan’s passion is to equip and empower his clients to reach a level of true freedom, purpose, and identity. Nathan has 4 siblings and 12 nieces and nephews. He currently attends and serves at The Cause church located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Mark Thompson

Identity Counseling & Coaching
Love Factor Newman Lake, WA

Mark is the son of a locally prominent Atlanta area businessman, the late Roy S. Thompson, who founded a church that still exists to this day (St. James United Methodist). Mark obtained his BA in Philosophy at Hampden Sydney College in Virginia, (one of the nation’s top fifty institutions of higher learning), and where he was an honors student. Later, Mark received a full scholarship for a Master of Science degree at the Kettering Institute, the research division of the University of Cincinnati Medical College, graduating in 1992. He is both a Mensa and a Phi Theta Kappa.

Mark received the gospel in the 1990’s and has been a student of the Bible for 26 years. He has led adult bible studies in nondenominational and Baptist churches, and has since been involved in middle school ministry. Mark is a member of Real Life Ministries in Post Falls Idaho, and attends bible study twice weekly at North Country Chapel, also in Post Falls. Additionally, Mark is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Biblical Counseling at Louisiana Baptist University via distance learning. He currently is researching the origins, medical, social, and spiritual, of trauma and depression in teens.

Youth & Young Adult Counseling & Coaching

Individual (ages 10-19) • Parenting

Teresa Pfaff

Family and Parenting Counseling
Love Factor Newman Lake, WA

Teresa is passionate about helping parents and their kids to develop a steadfast love relationship that will anchor them throughout the storms of life. When kids are rooted and grounded in the unconditional love and support of a healthy family, they develop a strong core identity with resilience to navigate challenges as they grow into the amazing adults they were created to be.

When Teresa was seven years old, her father committed suicide. She was raised by a single mother and helped to care for her three younger siblings. She began a lifelong journey of healing through a deep, abiding love relationship with Jesus who became her rock at an early age. She became a young mother herself at the age of 19 and now has four devoted sons and seven wonderful grandchildren who are the joy of her life.

She is married to the love of her life, Kerry Pfaff, who is a marriage and relationship counselor here at The Love Factor and they have been together for 33 years.

Teresa is a licensed, ordained, minister who graduated from Grace Bible Institute and became a Professional Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Professional Christian Therapist through the American Association of Christian Therapists in 2014. She spent nine years working as a para-professional in Special Education in Scottsdale, Arizona, and worked as secretary and public speaker for The Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Project, which was later adopted as a curriculum to help teachers, parents and kids affected by sexual abuse. She taught preschool and ran a before and after school daycare program at Paradise Valley Christian School for five years. She was also a Sunday School teacher and Children’s Church leader at Trinity Church in Scottsdale for ten years and a Pastoral Care Counselor at New Life Church in Rathdrum, Idaho. She has been a worship leader and co-pastored Grace Christian Fellowship in Coeur d’Alene with her husband after the death of their beloved pastor, Larry Green. Larry was the head chaplain of the Kootenai County jail system and Teresa worked with him counseling inmates and facilitating their care after release.

Cierra Gallian

Youth & Young Adult Counseling/Coaching
Love Factor Newman Lake, WA

Cierra believes youth and young adults need to deeply know they are worthy of love in order to break destructive generational cycles. Through breaking her own, she has found what is needed in order to overcome childhood trauma. Through her love for Jesus, determined heart, wealth of knowledge and experience... she is able to successfully equip and empower preteens and young adults.

A bit of her testimony is that from birth to adulthood Cierra was given the opportunity to love her mother through her active drug addiction. At the young age of 6, her father passed away in their Oklahoma house fire and a during her middle school years, spent 2 years in CPS. This set her on a mission to find herself through the hardships she was facing on a day to day basis. She truly believes God does not call the qualified, but rather, qualifies the called. Besides her academic education, Cierra’s testimony has made her qualified to be the voice of reason in adolescence lives. She strives to be the
light in their dark hour, holding answers where there are questions, and safety
in order to find their true selves.
She has had years of leadership experience and strongly believes in
continuing education. Cierra is currently working towards the road for her
Masters degree in Social Work.

InFactor & Individual Identity

Sarah LaFountaine

Identity Counseling & Coaching
Love Factor Newman Lake, WA

Sarah is passionate about coming alongside people and helping them discover their identity and inner strength. She believes that with God and a little guidance, everyone can find strength and victory in their circumstances to become the person they were created to be. Her heart is to equip and empower the people she serves with the appropriate tools and unconditional acceptance so they can freely express themselves and navigate their path. Sarah has helped people gain a better understanding of themselves, their inner strength, and provides the means to navigate their emotional messes with dignity.

Sarah has a variety of educational experience, including a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Lewis-Clark State College, all of which has broadened her ability to see people in the unique and beautiful ways they have been created. With dignity and genuine care, Sarah has a deep passion to help people find the relationship with themselves, God, and their place in their world. She enjoys learning and finding ways to apply new information and grow personally and in her career. Currently Sarah is pursuing her master’s degree. She lives in the Coeur d’Alene area with the love of her life and their combined 4 children. They enjoy spending as much time as they can in the outdoors, especially on the lake with their friends, family, and each other. Currently she is attends and serves at the Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene.

Tracy Dole

Identity Counseling & Coaching
Love Factor Newman Lake, WA

Tracy is mom to a large family. Tracy has spent years learning how to push into connection and value relationship within her family and in her social sphere. As a mom, her experience includes special needs parenting of a medically fragile child, homeschooling her crew, parenting through several traumatic events; including the loss of a child, a house fire, and her husband’s stroke, and parenting while going to school full time and entering the work force. Returning to school in 2017, she attended North Idaho College and received her technical certificate in Medical Assisting. She received her MA certification through the AAMA, the highest certification available in the United States. She worked for over 2 years at the Kootenai Heart Failure Clinic as a Certified Medical Assistant, where she thrived getting to know and care for her patients on a personal level.

Tracy’s passion is to come alongside parents and help them learn how to connect with their kids and how to be a safe haven for them. For nearly two decades, Tracy has been ministering to grieving moms and moms of kids with heart defects by sharing her own journey and compassionately loving and encouraging them. Tracy is blessed to be mom to 11 kids, with some of her children grown with their own families and some still at home. She and her family live on their small farm near Tensed, Idaho. She attends Plummer Bible Church where she serves on the worship team. Tracy enjoys spending time with her kids, music, cooking, painting, and learning new things.


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